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Fantastic Refer & Earn Program That Rewards You Instantly 

Refer & Earn 

Earn Up to ₹1,00,000+ 

You & Your Referred One

How It Works?

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Publicize LIVALYF 

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Deal Confirmation

Enjoy Your Reward

2-Way Benefits

First and foremost, it is crucial to share the exciting news about LIV-A-LYF with your loved ones to show them how this service can assist in achieving affordable and professional home interior booking.

For every person you refer who books with LIV-A-LYF, you'll earn a commission that can help you reach your financial goals faster. So why wait? Spread the word about LIV-A-LYF today and start earning!

By referring someone to LIV-A-LYF, you can earn a generous 3% commission or ₹41,000 which ever is lower on the total project value. Once your referral pays 45% of the total amount you will get your reward instantly.

A homeowner would choose to work with us because they can also receive ₹61,000 off on their home's interior with your referral. That's why our referral programme benefited both of you. (You and your referred one)

Who Can Participate?

If You Are


Our Previous Customer


Students Who Interested*


Anyone Who Wants To Earn*

*To effectively convince customers, students and interested individuals must complete a brief learning session on the interior design process. This provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed recommendations to potential customers.

*Terms & Conditions Applied

1.  The validity of this offer is contingent upon the referred individual booking a project with LIVALYF only.
2. The calculation of the referral bonus shall be based on the entire project value, specifically at the 45%                  payment milestone.
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