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Transform Your Space with Our Hassle-Free Turnkey Interior Solutions


 5 Moves to Elevate Your Upcoming LIV-LYF-LOOK!

Introduce yourself in seconds: Fill up our quick introductory form!   


Meeting With Designer

How Would You Like Your Space to Feel? Discover Your Ideal Interior Design Style with Our Preference Form

We offer complimentary design consultation services and expert quote estimations

Confirmation Of Deal

Pay small booking amount 

To finalize our design consultation, simply secure our services with a 5%* booking amount of the total quotation value. This small step ensures that you can confidently move forward with our proposed solution.

*For Renovation projects booking amount will be 20% of final quote

Site measurement and design finalization stage 

A 10% fee will be applied for site measurement and design plans (2D & 3D), which will be deduct in the final sales order.

Choose your materials and finishes. Finalize the design with personalized alteration.

Place The Order At LIVALYF

Final call for project initiation with 30% amount of final quote

Interior Work Begins

Happy Move-in

Handover the home to our team and commencement of installation work 

Pay 30% after 1 month from the date of commencement. 

Pay 20% after 2 month from the date of commencement. 

Pay rest 5% on 20 days before work completion.      

Hurrah! your home is ready to move-in

Embark on a new journey of creating cherished memories with your family.


Receive a complimentary professional video showcasing the newly enhanced beauty of your home.         


Our Responsible Team

Meet our dedicated team who will be by your side throughout your journey.


Expert Designer 

Our Designer takes the time to thoroughly understand your unique requirements and lifestyle in order to create a personalized home design that truly reflects your individuality.

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Business Manager

To ensure a seamless journey towards creating your dream home, our expert Business Manager supervises the entire design process and diligently ensures the absence of any obstacles or hurdles along the way.

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Site Supervisor

Our dedicated Project supervisor takes the helm of on-site execution, working tirelessly to ensure your home is completed on schedule with precision and expertise, making your satisfaction their top priority.

Dedicated Workers

Our team of experienced and expert interior professional workers are dedicated to creating exceptional living spaces. With unwavering passion and commitment, we apply our expertise to transform your home into a stunning haven. Count on us to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

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Happy Budget-Friendly Interiors

Experience the joy of owning your dream home today with our expert guidance.

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